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          • Telephone: 0086-711-3203299
          • Mob.: 0086-711-3706899
          • Whatsapp: 008618872884338
          • Company name: Hubei Global-union Trade Co.,ltd

          About us

          Hubei Global-union Trade Co.,ltd was established on May 6th, 2011. The company locates in the historical and cultural city, Ezhou, where Sun Quan, King of Wu established his capital and the bronze mirror of ancient China originated. The company originated from manganese ore mining and grows by nickel smelting. Hubei Global-union Trade has expanded to a diversified operating corporation based on lead, copper, cobalt and tungsten. For years the entire company unite as one and take all efforts to grow. Through leadership and staffs’ persistent effort and unity, Hubei Global-union Trade Co.,ltd has formed complete and large scale industrial chain for copper, nickel,

          cobalt, gold, silver, palladium, platinum, tantalum smelting and processing. Taking full advantage of various of rare metal resources, Hubei Global-union Trade Co.,ltd offers great help to the urban mining, science research and comprehensive service. Its capital operation and strategy cooperation also get remarkable achievements.

          Hubei Global-union Trade Co.,ltd administers a wholly owned subsidiary and a stock holding subsidiary, distributed mainly in southeast of Asia. It has business all over the world. So far, Hubei Global-union Trade Co.,ltd has strong production capacity, which is still growing as the company grows. Its minimum annual output is manganese 50,000 tons, silicon manganese alloy 20,000 tons, copper 5000 tons, nickel 1800 tons, cobalt 360 tons. In addition, it hascomprehensive utilization and production of platinum,palladium,gold,silver,rhenium, selenium, bismuth,tellurium,tin and other rare metals. Hubei Global-union Trade Co.,ltd is planning to exploit new mines in Malaysia and other cities, and the annual exploitation is expected to be over 200,000 tons.

          By the end of 2017, Hubei Global-union Trade Co.,ltd has 200 employees, including 18 leaderships, 30 technical engineers and 152 production operators. Among them there are 10 with bachelor degree or above, 18 with senior professional titles, 20 senior technicians and 10 senior mechanics.

           Since 2011, Hubei Global-union Trade has established and implemented "six strategies" and "six goals", ready to start realizingthe great-leap-forward development. Hubei Global-union Trade has been dedicated to developing resources, expanding scales, restructuring and other investment in company development. Hubei Global-union Trade brings in foreign advanced submerged arc furnace smelting and production technique for nickel, manganese etc. It also obtains foreign Dynamic Wave high efficient washing dust collecting skill, going with the tide with world development. The company’s technical equipment has reached domestic advanced level. We constantly improve production efficiency, energy saving, econo-technical norms elevating and emission reduction.

           With a new journey and new beginning, keeping on the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress and the 3rd Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee, Hubei Global-union Trade Co.,ltd adheres to the “six strategies” and strives to develop the “three industries”, to get stronger and more advanced by implementing the “three managements”. The company aims at building the “six global-unions”, to make the brand image of non-ferrous metals and to make Hubei Global-union Trade well-known by the international market. It intends to make great contribution to the revival of Chinese non-ferrous metals industry and the construction of well-off society.

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